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Majco Health Care Company is a pioneer in medical tourism industry of India. Seeking medical treatment outside the country can be very confusing and tiresome job. Taking this into consideration, our company aims to provide best possible medical treatment plan for those wishing to visit India for Medical Treatment. You can take a sigh of relief and stay relaxed as you are in safe hands now. We are committed to help you to find the best hospitals and doctors in India at most affordable prices.
India is rapidly growing as a hub of medial tourism and attracts patients from all parts of the world. The country is globally being recognized for its medical practitioners, surgeons and world-class medical facilities. Our company has tie-ups with most of these great hospitals and renowned surgeons and doctors. We strive for helping you reach speedy recovery by introducing you to the best doctors for your health issues.
Having dealt with patients for years, Majco Health Care has come a long way from being a medical health care service provider to an international medical tourism company. Majco Health Care follows the highest degree of ethics and international patient care protocol combined with lodging facilities at 3 – 4 star hotels and tour of various tourist attractions in India. 

We are proud to have established professional relationship with many advanced hospitals, health care institutions and renowned medical specialists to ensure you receive the best quality treatment

  • Our experience and association with these hospitals and institutions ensures value for money as we compare the quotes received from various hospitals and help you with the best one.
  • Our health care suppliers include only those who are accredited by JCI, ISQua, NABH, ISO to ensure their international standard.
  • These hospitals have dedicated teams of coordinators who are well experienced for serving the needs of international patients. These teams serve as coordinators and point of contact between patients, doctors and our company in order to smoothly run the whole process of treatment. 
  • We update the families of patients back in their home country on the treatment progress, to ensure that they are at peace while their dear ones are seeking treatment aboard. 
  • We offer a comprehensive service package which includes treatment, travel plan, concierge services, affordable accommodation and visa invitation directly from the hospitals and doctors where the patients wish to be treated. 
  • We are equipped with medical management experience of sending patients abroad and serve our customers in a professional manner. 
  • Our 24/7 fully dedicated team is well mannered and has both medical and international business expertise. Therefore, you can rest assure that you are dealing with one of the leading and best medical tourism company in India.

 We strive to create an international medical tourism company combined with the highest standards of the industry, where patients from all parts of the world can find the best affordable treatment plan. We want to make “seeking treatment abroad” a memorable and joyous journey with the ultimate goal of 100% solution of the medical issues. 


We take our partner network very seriously and ensure you always have access to the best choices in the form of world-class healthcare institutions and experienced physicians. These hospitals keep patient safety, and clinical quality above everything else and doctors have a great clinical understanding and a 'patient-first' attitude.